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Tiny Tots

Our Tiny Tots Program involves an exciting preparatory program introducing the young child to the wonderful world of rhythm, music and movement. Many physical attributes such as gross motor skills, co-ordination, stamina and agility are developed and refined during the course of this program.

Students are motivated to take part in a variety of enjoyable movement activities through games and music. These activities include arm movements, basic rhythms, exercises in flexibility and balance, as well as coordinating steps like skips, gallops, marching and turns. By the completion of the program, each child will not only obtain numerous skills and techniques, but will also gain an increased awareness and appreciation of dance and music. At ConfiDance Studio our Tiny Tots classes are currently available to children ages 2-3.


Jazz is one of today’s most popular styles of dance. It is danced to current music yet incorporates considerable classical technique. Both Jazz dance and modern dance techniques are based on the basics of the old ballet tradition. The essence of jazz is entertainment to the people, a form of dancing which is easy to understand for anyone seeing it. In jazz dancing the movements are exaggerated and there is usually an attitude the dancer conveys to the audience. At ConfiDance Studio, the first segment of the dance lesson is committed to developing strength, flexibility, and placement. In the next segment, students are exposed to learning combinations and dance choreography. 



Tap dancing has made a comeback! Originating in the United States during the 19th century, Tap has now become popular all around the world. The name comes from the tapping sound made when the small metal plates on the dancer’s shoes touch a hard floor. This lively rhythmic tapping makes the performer not just a dancer but also a percussive musician. Tap is a fun and lively way to develop a sense of rhythm and coordination. It blends ballet, jazz, and musical theatre techniques and is also an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise.


Ballet is the basis upon which all other dance forms originated. Ballet training offers the development of grace, poise and discipline. It builds strength yet suppleness, improves balance and fosters coordination. Correct posture and carriage development are also enhanced. Students learn the art and technique of a traditional dance form while enhancing their appreciation of classical music.

At ConfiDance Studio, pointe classes are integrated into ballet classes for individuals who have the desire to learn pointe and for those in grades five and above. 


Acro is a combination of acrobatics and dance. Think Cirque De Soleil. This program is great for acrobats, gymnasts and dancers alike. Each class focuses on strength, flexibility, balancing, limbering and tumbling while combing with dance stills for routines and performance. At ConfiDance Studio we follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus for all available levels. 

Hip Hop

Old school hip hop dances are those styles that evolved in the seventies and were primarily danced to funk and old school hip hop music. Breakdancing is the best known of all hip hop dance styles and is considered a corner stone of hip hop culture itself. In the 1980s, many funk dance styles that originally evolved separately from hip hop, such as popping and locking, merged with the hip hop culture. These dance forms were danced together with breakdancing. Hip hop is a part of most current dance videos.



Lyrical is a mix of jazz and ballet. This art form is a softer version of jazz danced to softer music selections. Lyrical combines the look of ballet with the technique of jazz. The music usually has lyrics, as opposed to just instrumental. Body movement, like in many other dances, is used to express feeling. Lyrical dancing is usually danced to slow music and is a beautiful dance form. At ConfiDance Studio, lyrical programs introduce and continue to teach the styles of jazz. Emphasis is placed on flexibility and acquiring slower controlled movements. 

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